What is a Professors Guild Member NFT?

Revenue sharing DAO membership

Our DAO's revenue is shared amongst Professors Guild members (NFT holders). Revenue that the company earns from developing and sponsoring projects is split amongst all guild members.

Build With the Guild

A few ways the Professors Guild helps with launching your Cardano NFT project

Image Generation

Bring your own images or use our in house collection builder with online preview.

Mint Setup

We can create a custom mint experience to meet the needs and specifications of your projects unique roadmap.

Market Verification

We can also get your collection verified on secondary sales marketplaces like Jpg.store and CNFT.io.


We will be online with you 24/7 throughout the deployment and launch of your projects mint.

Bot Protection

Variety of potential strategies to deter bots and script purchasing to ensure a fair mint.


Able to work on short notice and deploy a mint solution for your project within 12 hours.

Our Founding Team

Years of experience. Just getting started.

Hi, I'm Squidz!

I have been a software developler for roughly 5 years and have been working on Cardano since early 2021. When I'm not working or building on Cardano I love to be in the mountains rock climbing.

Professor Squidz


CryptoCat Here!

I have worked in finance and accounting for the past 8 years since graduating with my Bachelors in accounting from the University of Colorado. I started with researching emerging blockchain technologies in 2016.

Professor Pineapples!

I'm professor pineapples! Here to hold down the community fort and get the word out through social media. If I'm not online I am probably asleep.

Cardano Professors Guild

The Guild at Large

An emerging DAO that benefits the NFT ecosystems it is a part of. Through application development & a revenue sharing launchpad the guild aims to assist teams with a variety of development products/services as well as community vetted and trust ranked projects. Creating safer ecosystems for everyone!


Members will be the maximum amount of Professors Guild member NFTs minted. These are the only NFTs that will give you access to voting rights and profit share within the organization.


of Funds generated from mint returned to the Professors Guild treasury where members will vote on it's usage.


Ownership rights of your Professors Guild member NFT. Personal and Commercial.


Projects currently in development. All focusing on lowering entry barriers for artists and consumers alike.


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