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An emerging DAO that aims to benefit NFT ecosystems through application development & venture funding the guild will assist in bringing products and services that align with the core values of the guild to market.


Founding Members will be the maximum amount minted. These are the only NFTs that have traits for guaranteed airdrops and other perks.


Founding members benefit with 20% increased Airdrop potential in addition to exclusive traits and other guild benefits!

Mint Membership

40 ₳da

  • 🧪
  • You should receive your NFTs within a few minutes of purchase, but please be patient, it can take longer than expected sometimes due to network and server lag. If you think something went wrong, reach out via Discord, or Twitter.
  • 🚨Policy ID: 5ac8639d63cc7c6ee78a3cf78942f14f8360daf9ae836752aba89e2f

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