Professors Guild Scavenger Hunt

Monday January 24th

Join the Community

Join us in our second hunt January 24th for some fun CNFT prizes, and learn about the guild community along the way. The hunt works by listening and looking for clues referencing ways to interact with our website and discord server.

Various CNFT Prizes

1 AdaGoat CNFT 1 Zombie Chains CNFT 1 Yummi Universe CNFT and 250 Ada

Twitter & Discord

We will release clues on Twitter and Discord

First Clue

Will be released to the public via Twitter @ 8:30 PM UTC JAN 24th https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Next Clue

Will be released here, Twitter and Discord. TBA time.

Cardano Professors Guild

The Guild at Large

An emerging DAO that benefits the NFT ecosystems it is a part of. Through application development & a revenue sharing launchpad the guild aims to assist teams with a variety of development products/services as well as community vetted and trust ranked projects. Creating safer ecosystems for everyone!


Members will be the maximum amount of Professors Guild member NFTs minted. These are the only NFTs that will give you access to voting rights and profit share within the organization.


of Funds generated from mint returned to the Professors Guild treasury where members will vote on it's usage.


Ownership rights of your Professors Guild member NFT. Personal and Commercial.


Projects currently in development. All focusing on lowering entry barriers for artists and consumers alike.


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